March 23, 2022

Etsy Facebook Domain Verification

If you want to add Etsy Listings to your Facebook Shop, then one of the initial steps you have to take is to verify on Facebook site, that you are actually the shop owner.

Here the steps to verify your domain:

1. Login to Facebook Business Manager and navigate to the domain verification page.

2. Add a new domain.

IMPORTANT: you cannot just copy the shop URL. You have to write:

3. Copy the meta-tag code provided by Facebook

4. Go to your Etsy Shop Manager under „Settings -> Facebook Shops“ and paste the meta-tag

4. Go back to Facebook Business and click on „Verify domain“

Now you’ll be able to add new items from Etsy to your Facebook Catalogue.
IMPORTANT: use as URL, else it won’t work. You cannot just copy the URL, you have to always use the subdomain that you just added.