March 23, 2022

Does Facebook pull Etsy?

Short answer, no. Facebook does not pull Etsy, at least there is no standard integration.

If you are Googling this I am assuming you mean if Facebook is able to pull data like the listings directly from Etsy. To be even more specific, Facebook Shopping / Commerce has no standard integration with Etsy. BUT there are solutions to that.


If you want to use Facebook / Instagram Shopping to be able to have a storefront on FB and IG as well as be able to tag products, you will have to do following steps:

1. Etsy Facebook Domain Verification <- Click for guide

2. Request in your Facebook Business Manager a Facebook and Instagram Shop

3. Add your Etsy products to Facebook Commerce <- Click for guide

1. Etsy Facebook Domain Verification

2. Request Facebook and Instagram Shop

Login to, click on „Commerce“ and then „Add Account“.

For a full tutorial, you can check out our YouTube channel and the „Webinar recording

3. Add Etsy products to Facebook shop

There are multiple ways how to add Etsy products to your Facebook Shop.
Add them one by one manually (yes, that’s the standard way Etsy and Facebook allow you to do it).

There is the possibility to upload an Excel file, but the file has to have a specific format and if you don’t use any software it’s gonna be more effort than adding them one by one.

If you scroll to the bottom, you will find our software solution. We also do the entire setup for you if you want. Else you can find the full step by step guide here: How to add Etsy product to Facebook Shop

You don't want to do all this manual work?

Checkout our Etsy Connector. The Etsy Connector automatically reads the data from your Etsy store, creates an Excel file that is syncronized once a day and now the only thing you need to do is to add this excel file as a source in Facebook.