Connect Etsy and Facebook
with ease

Powerful tool to connect your Etsy products to the Facebook shop system.

Fast Setup

Get up and running with EtsyConnect in no Time. Enjoy an easy setup process and start streamlining your sales with EtsyConnect!

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Straightforward UI

Say goodbye to complicated software and hello to a simple and intuitive experience with EtsyConnect.

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Extremly efficient

Maximize your online sales efficiency with EtsyConnect. Sync your products with the highest efficiency possible.

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Why should I connect my Etsy account to my Facebook account? Easy: More people, more possible clients, more revenue for your amazing Etsy-Shop

We work with DigitStore24!

Why? For you! DigitStore24 is a german plattform with secured payment systems and 100% cashback warranty!

Connect it with your Facebook Account

It's as easy as it gets. But even if you have problems setting up your Facbook-Store we will be happy to help you. Either by Blog-Article or by installing it for you!

Why EtsyConnect?
No more work for you!
Millions of new customers!

No more manual updates or juggling between two platforms. With just a few clicks, you can showcase your products to a wider audience and boost your online sales. With EtsyConnect you can reach millions of people who use Facebook daily and make them your customers.

Always in Sync

Effortlessly sync your Etsy products onto Facebook  once a day. Automatically!

Set-Up Ready

Enjoy an easy setup process and start streamlining your sales in no time. No Code, no time lost!

Supreme Support

Rely on our expert support team to help you every step of the way when needed.


Our solution grows with you, ensuring seamless performance even during peak periods. Unlimited Products!

All the stats

Keep track of your sales performance and make data-driven decisions with our stats!

Data Safety

Your information is always protected with our encryption technologies and security protocols!

Thousands of products have been synchronised. Yours can be next.

“Want to scale your Etsy-Business? EtsyConnect is the way to go. Imagine reaching all the people who are using Facebook on a day to day basis and show them your product. Simply great! ”

Leon Dapoz
Co-Founder of evvvolution

"EtsyConnect has exceeded my expectations in every way. The support team is always available to help"

Pietro Casella
Etsy-Shop Owner

"I was hesitant to try EtsyConnect at first, but I'm so glad I did! The setup process was smooth and easy, and the results have been phenomenal. My sales have increased, and my customers are happier than ever."

Lea Romano
Etsy-Shop Owner

"EtsyConnect has been a game-changer for my online business.  I no longer have to worry about manual updates or discrepancies between the two platforms."

Oliver Bacher
Etsy-Shop Owner